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We are EXTREMELY proud to announce our Charcoal Whitening Strips!


Never created before, we've developed the most unique formula including the most premium blend of organic Coconut oil and Coconut Activated Charcoal that will remove stains quickly with no mess! Most teeth whitening strips contain a bleaching agent - either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Not ours, making them ideal for those with sensitive teeth and anyone who wants a effective fast working alternative that is gentler and natural. 


Inside the box you will receive a 14 day supply including 14 top strips and 14 bottoms strips. 



  • No Peroxide - Because our Coconut oil and Activated Charcoal whitening strips do not contain any peroxide they offer an excellent way for those that normally wouldn't be able to use a peroxide based whitening products! 
  • Fast and Hands Free - Teeth whitening strips are great for busy people as you can put them on and go about your business at home, the office or wherever. (Though you will get a ton of laughs due to the natural color of these)
  • Low Cost - Unlike bleach strips that cost upwards of $80 for a kit, our products are Organic and cost nearly half the price!

  • Tear open foil pack to reveal the strips.
  • Brush teeth, place bottom strips first, then repeat with top.
  • Keep strips on for 20-30 mins. Avoid eating or drinking. 
  • Remove strips and discard. Rinse and brush teeth to remove any existing charcoal.
  • ADMIRE! 


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